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Paws of Fury Instant

Paws of Fury Instant

Paws of Fury Instant

Enjoy an action-packed game second to none! It is none other than Paws of Fury Instant at Moon Games. On this IWG innovation, you are taken to the gold and crimson pagoda of the mountains in the early morning. You can smell the freshness of cherry blossoms. Suddenly, the gong strikes to announce the start of the Paws of Fury training. You must be imagining giant big cats getting ready to fight. But no! Here, pandas are being trained to become skilful ninjas and learn Kung-Fu. Their paws are so strong that they can deliver a killing blow or defend you. Get ready for the action!

Top Features
  • Game 1
  • Game 2
  • Game 3
  • Game 4
  • Game 5

How to Play

Are you all set for the incredible training on Paws of Fury Instant? Prepare yourself for it by selecting a stake value of your preference. When you are fully prepared, hit the Play button. Here, you are offered 5 types of games which are fun and very lucrative. Be ready for some exciting rewards!

Bet Levels: Paws of Fury Instant does not consist of any bet levels.

Amount of Paylines Selection: The game does not include any paylines as it is an instant-win one.

Coin Values: You can choose a minimum stake of £0.50 and a maximum of £20.00.

Bonus Rounds

Game 1
Discover Game 1 on Paws of Fury Instant! This round comes with simple rules. Click on the Coin symbols to uncover interesting prizes. Your aim is to obtain 3 corresponding values to trigger a reward. Are you up for it?

Game 2
Ready for the second game? Here, you must hit symbols to open the cash prizes. Look out for the Paws of Fury icon as it makes you earn the collected prizes.

Game 3
During Game 3 on Paws of Fury Instant, reveal 2 numbers and a prize by pressing the displayed symbols. Here comes the trial! You are presented with a selection known as Your Row and Their Row. If Your Row is better than Their Row, you can win a prize!

Game 4
As for Game 4, it is all about revealing matching numbers. Match a maximum of 10 to win an exciting prize!

Game 5
Finally, the last game on Paws of Fury Instant! During this round, click on the icons displayed to reveal symbols. With 2 matching symbols, you can trigger a mega prize!

Get ready for a thrilling gameplay by launching Paws of Fury Instant at Moon Games. Wish you all the best!