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Love Island Bonus Slots

Love Island Bonus

Love Island Bonus

Feel the romantic mood as you play Love Island Bonus at Moon Games! It is created by IWG and consists of a 5x5 grid. It is set against a backdrop showing a lovely beach on a sunny day. You can even see the horizon in the distance. The sun rays are creating colourful reflections. Immerse yourself into this romantic atmosphere and stroll leisurely on the warm sand!

Your aim on Love Island Bonus is to flip the 25 Heart symbols to find the correct match. You can find various symbols like red rose, palm trees, lips, Pound Sterling sign, note stacks, gold bars, stars or slippers. It is a fast-paced game which comes with big prizes. Get the chance to trigger a maximum jackpot of £500,000

Top Features
  • Wheel Bonus
  • Diamond Bonus
  • Jackpot
How to Play

Adjust your bet on Love Island Bonus on the stake field. Once your bet is placed, hit the Play button. The following 3 games are displayed on the screen:
  • Game 1: Reveal the winning symbol to earn a prize.
  • Game 2: Matching 3 prize amounts makes you win that particular amount.
  • Game 3: Match 2 symbols in a column to win the corresponding prize.
Bet Levels: Bet levels are not available.

Amount of Paylines Selection: Paylines are not available.

Coin Values: Select your preferred bet value using the + and – buttons.

Bonus Rounds Enjoy the bonus features below on Love Island Bonus to maximise your winning potential.

Diamond Bonus
When you find Diamond symbols on the grid, the Diamond Bonus is activated.

Wheel Bonus
Find the Chromosome symbol to trigger the Wheel Bonus.

Don’t waste a minute to launch the unique Love Island Bonus at Moon Games. Good luck!