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Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike Slots

Joker Strike Slots

Joker Striker Slot online is a 5 reels and 10 payline slot machine created by Quickspin. Whip out your mobile or tablet and start playing on your devices for top gameplay. Jokes aside! Joker Striker Slot is an easy game where every win will launch the outer wheel. This highly volatile and fast-paced game will drag you into the action. There could be an opportunity to win big with the rewarding bonus rounds. It also comes with an exciting Hi Roller feature that’s well worth your time spinning on!

Top Features
  • Joker Strike Feature
  • Hi Roller Mode
  • Hi Roller Features

How to Play

Set your bets and get the reels rolling on Joker Striker Slot by clicking on the Spin or the AutoPlay button. The AutoPlay option allows players to choose from a number of plays that varies between 10 and 1000. The slot machine will make several spins within a defined period. On the reels of Joker Striker Slot, you’ll find a pool of symbols such as heart, club, diamond, spade, the joker, lucky 7, bells and stars. As the reels spin, the symbols might create winning combos that could bring about huge wins.

Bet Levels: There are no Bet Levels on this slot machine.

Amount of Paylines Selection: There are 10 paylines.

Coin Values: The bet values range on Joker Striker Slot from 0.10 to 100.00.

Bonus Rounds

Joker Striker Feature
The Joker Striker Feature is triggered on any symbol line win. It adds symbols to the reels if the outer wheel marker rest on a symbol from any launching line win. There’s 6 to 10 additional symbols that will be added to the game from extra wins. In addition, the number of extra symbols is determined by the length of the longest paying line of that symbol.
  • Get 3 of a kind for 6 extra symbols
  • Get 4 of a kind for 8 extra symbols
  • Get 5 of a kind for 10 extra symbols
Hi Roller Mode
The Hi Roller modes on Joker Striker Slot will enrich your game experience by adding extra features on top of the normal game. There are three different modes to play and they consist of 5 spins. As you click on the roller button located on the game interface, 3 boxes will crop up and display what features will be available in that mode.

Hi Roller Features
There are 3 Hi Roller Features on Joker Striker Slot and they are as follow:
  • Guaranteed Wild: With each spin a wild symbol is added to the reels of the online slot by moving clockwise around the reels until the reels come to rest mode.
  • Wild Strike: There will be two wild symbols added to the outer wheel of Joker Striker Slot. If the marker stops on the wild, the Joker Strike feature will add wilds to the reels.
  • Double Chance: There’s an extra marker that spins on the outer wheel and it doubles the chances of hitting the Joker Strike Feature.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol will substitute for all symbols on the reels of Joker Striker Slot. Wild symbols are only present on the outer wheel on the Hi Roller modes which also contain the “Wild Strike” feature. A five of a kind win with these wilds is only possible when the wild strike feature is launched.