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Crystal Queen Slots

Crystal Queen Slots

Crystal Queen Slots

Deep in the Arctic regions of the virtual realm, lies the snowy peaks of Wintersong. These forests covered mountains have been stated numerous times in fables. Why, you ask? Well, that is because the forest of Wintersong is the abode of the Crystal Queen. Yet, she who has been hibernating for years has now been awakened by the rumbles of the outsiders. Assist the Queen through her motives on Crystal Queen Slot and who knows, she might reward you with some potential riches!

Top Features
  • Regular Wild
  • Spreading Wild
  • Swopping Reels Feature

How to Play

To play Crystal Queen Slot, you will need to log into your Moon Games account. Once in, start setting up the bets and then whenever you deem that convenient, click spin! Yes, as simple as that. To be awarded a win on Crystal Queen Slot, you will need to line three or more matching symbols along a pay line. Are you ready to click and spin? Here’s more about bets;

Bet Levels: There are no bet levels available on Crystal Queen Slot.

Amount of Paylines Selection: The game offers 20 bet lines which can increase to 56 through features. The bet lines are always active!

Coin Values: Go ahead and select the bet of your choice by clicking onto the up and down arrows under the Total Bet Tab. You get to select from a minimum of 0.10 up to a maximum of 100.00 on Crystal Queen Slot.

Bonus Rounds

Regular Wild
The Regular Wild Symbol of Crystal Queen Slot is depicted as a plain symbol with the words “WILD” on it. It appears exclusively on reels 4 and 5. Wild can chip in a combination as any other symbols of the game except for Scatters and Spreading Wilds.

Spreading Wild
The Spreading Wild Symbol shares traits with the Regular Wild. It can substitute for other symbols as well. However, it appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 only. Plus, the Spreading Wild can add more Wild Symbols to random adjacent positions of the Spreading Wild.

Swopping Reels Feature
Everytime you get a winning combination, you activate the Swooping Reels Feature. The winning combination is paid and then removed from the screen. The empty spaces are then filled with symbols that fall from above. The feature continues until there are no more winning combinations. Each time a successful Swooping happens, the frozen reels above will unlock and offer 12 extra bet lines and award you a level on the multipliers. This can help you increase your wins!

Free Spins Bonus
Activate the Free Spins Bonus by landing three Free Spin Bonus Scatters on Crystal Queen Slot. The feature starts with 10 Free Spins. The Free Spins Bonus Round is played with all 56 bet lines and exclusively during this feature, your winning combinations are paid from left to right and right to left as well.

Are you ready to face the mighty Crystal Queen? Good luck!