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Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a real money fantasy game, that combines instant prizes and role-playing features. Fight your battles with a team of five heroes, and watch the rewarding outcome of victory pave your way to your riches. Team formations are set before the battle kicks off, and are won by defeating enemies. To win, attack your enemies until its health bar reduces to 0.

During the battle, each hero receives random cards with Mana strength, which accordingly reduces the enemy’s health. During each battle, each hero fights the enemy opposing him. Each time a hero hits the enemy in Battle Royale, a prize is awarded, but collected only if the enemy is defeated. If a hero loses, accumulated prizes are lost. As a hero, receive a skull card, and it’s the enemy’s turn to attack and the battle is lost.

Top Features
  • Instant Prizes
  • Free Battles
  • Bonus Features

How to Play

In Battle Royale, set your bet amount on the “Set Bet” Field, and choose from the available stakes on the tab. Click on the “Play” button to start the game. The battle starts and all playing cards are dealt for each hero. The battle then ends when all heroes have lost or won. The “Game Mode” Field allows you to toggle between regular or fast play mode. Click on a hero card to view their details.

Bet Levels: No bet levels available.

Amount of Paylines Selection: No paylines available.

Coin Values: Coin denominations range from £0.60, £1.00, £1.20, £1.40, £2.00, £3.00, £4.00, £5.00, £10.00, £20.00, £50.00 to £100.00.

Bonus Rounds

Boss Fight Feature
This feature is triggered when the bonus card in the Forest Island is dealt randomly in Battle Royale. The Boss Dragon is the enemy and all heroes unite their forces to defeat the latter. Mana cards reduce its health. When a skull card is received, the Boss Dragon attacks and eliminates a hero. The battle ends when all heroes or the Boss Dragon has been defeated. All wins are collected on defeating the dragon.

The Villains Wave
When the Swamp island bonus card is received, this feature is triggered. The magical crossbow randomly appears and helps you get rid of all enemies in the battles, where all heroes retreat to safety. The fight gets stronger as more enemies are added for high multiplier values. Receive 15 arrows for each wave if all enemies are defeated during the wave. There are up to five waves and the feature ends when all are cleared in Battle Royale.

Free Battles
Trigger this feature when the Desert Island is dealt, then 5 free battles are awarded. During each free battle, a treasure card is received, granting an extra prize.

Lava Stone Pick
When the Volcano Island bonus card is dealt, the Lava Stone Pick feature is triggered. On the bonus screen, pick as many stones as possible. This round ends when you collect a multiplier stone, and all accumulated prizes are multiplied.

Treasure Island Event
Treasure Island opens every 12 hours for only 20 battles. Extra 25% is added to all prizes won in the feature. Collect the Magic Stone and receive Battle Royale’s grand prize!

Enjoy this rather unique gameplay at Moon Games Casino on your mobile, desktop or tablet! Enjoy a series of bonus rounds that will take you on an exclusive adventure each time triggered.