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How Slot RNGs Ensure Fair Play

How Slot RNGs Ensure Fair Play

A simple explanation of what a Random Number Generator is. Simply put,

  1. an RNG or a slots Random Number Generator is a piece of software that is present in all regulated online casino games and also in fixed-odds betting terminals and slots in casinos.
  2. It’s needed to ensure that the game isn’t being rigged in the casino's favour thus essentially ripping the player off causing guaranteed financial loss and very disappointing betting experience.
  3. The role of an RNG is to ensure that a totally random result is drawn each time the reels are spun or the roulette wheel is spun.
    • What is a PRNG?

      Now, there are different slots Random Number Generators that are used globally for different industries, however, the one that is used for online casino games is referred to as the ‘Pseudo-Random Number Generator’. So why is this one used in particular for online casinos? Well, it is referred to as being one of the more efficient slots Random Number Generators being able to produce random results at a very fast turnover, which is especially useful in regards to games such as online slots. It is also useful for applications whereby the results are predictable, for example, there are only a limited amount of symbols that can appear on a slot so it knows what to predict.

    • PRNG vs TRNG

      This particular type of RNG that is used in online casinos is also known to be periodic. What this means is that the sequence, for example, landing Q-K-Q on a three-reel slot, will eventually repeat itself, however, there are usually huge time periods between this so it isn’t too noticeable. They are more preferred over their counterparts by online casinos, with the counterpart being TRNG or ‘True Random Number Generators’, which don’t offer the same level of efficiency and also aren’t periodic. This means that if a winning jackpot combination of symbols was drawn once, that it wouldn’t happen again.

    • So how do Slots Random Number Generators ensure fair play?

      1. foremost the result produced by the slots RNG’s aren’t ‘technically’ impossible to guess but is as close as can be.
      2. The algorithm that is used in an RNG starts with a number as large as Pi which has 5 trillion digits and to guess the combination of a number that length with that many possibilities, as you’d imagine, is realistically impossible.
      3. This means that not one person will be able to predict where the ball might land on the next spin of a roulette wheel or whether that dealer will hit blackjack.
    • Couldn’t an RNG be biased towards the casino?

      This is also a very good question. Theoretically, if a casino were to design the RNG themselves they would be able to tilt the odds in their favour. That’s why approved slots RNG’s are made by third party companies who remain totally impartial. Each year the RNG used in an online casino game is tested by an independent third party. This is also part of the criteria needed to become a licensed casino. So if you’re playing on an online casino which is fully licensed you can rest assured that the RNG software that they’re going to be using has been vigorously tested and will not be biased in any way.

      One such reputable online casino is that of Moon Bingo, who use regulated and independent random number generators in all of their online bingo games so you can rest assured nobody is cheating and that going into a bingo game you all have an equal chance of winning and why it is one of the new casino sites. It is also one of the few websites where you can play Slingo Bingo.