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Slingo Riches Review

Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches

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Slingo games in general and Slingo Riches specifically are so great because of how interactive they are. After each spin, numbers on the board get lit up for you to click on. This game, Slingo Riches, is especially exciting since you’re playing for real cash – up to £20,000! Like other Slingo games, Slingo Riches takes the best parts of bingo games and slot machines and whirls them all up into one awesome game. Fun symbols and bonuses add to the experience, making this game a great one to play.

How to play Love Island Slingo?

Slingo-ing for real money is really a walk in the park in Slingo Riches, which will give you access to a 5x5 number grid. In this like other slingo games, your goal is to mark off as many numbers on the grid as you can. A row of 5 marked off numbers – be it diagonal, horizontal, or vertical – means that you got a “slingo!”

Basically, you have 11 spins or, in other words, 11 chances of grabbing some slingos. And each of these spins will give you at least 5 numbers (i.e. one for each column on the grid). Once everything is set, it is time to play best Slingo Riches and bet with real money.

Special Symbols

Each spin you have means that 5 numbers will be placed directly into the blue reel just underneath your grid. Numbers matching in the respective columns will, as mentioned above, be marked off. Interestingly, you have to look out for the following symbols:

  • Jokers –these are, by essence, wild symbols that can be used to mark off any number in the column above.
  • Super Jokers –likewise, these can be used to mark off any number. But instead of the column above, you can do so on the entire grid.
  • 3 or More Jokers/Super Jokers –Any of this combination in Slingo Riches means you have won an instant cash prize.
  • Free Spin –appears in the game’s center column (i.e. free spin or yellow balls).
  • Coin –Also appears in the game’s center column and is equal to an instant cash prize.
  • Devil –Tasked to block potential matches on your reels.
  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Coin
  • Joker
  • Devil

Bonus rounds

In Slingo Riches, there is a scope for you to get another cash prize. This happens when a coin symbol appears right in the center column. And it does, it means that you are walking away with some extra cash in your pocket! Believe it or not, this bonus feature is something that you do not often see in other slingo games. It is really a pity, especially since players like you love flat-out cash prizes.

Extra Spin – Apart from the Coin symbol, you also have to look out for the Extra Spin in Slingo Riches. As the name suggests, it gives you a chance to spin and it is on the house. In turn, it gives you another chance to acquire more and more chances of scoring a slingo. Now that is really a feature-centric column and only this slingo bonus from Slingo Riches does it best!

Devils and Cherubs – At random points in the game, the Devil tends to show himself up and takes away half the points you have accumulated. In other words, half of your win is lost. This is where a Cherub can help you. As this one comes and saves you from the Devil, it will also give you all of the points back in Slingo Riches.