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Slingo Cash Buster

Slingo Cash Buster

If you are looking to try something different but still want to play a game of Slingo, then you need to try Slingo Cash Buster. Unlike other Slingo online games, in this unique game, you need to roll the dice to play and win.

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How to play Slingo Cash Buster?

  • Set your bet. Once you set your bet, it will remain locked in for the next 8 roll of the dice.
  • Start the game by clicking on the dice on the left corner of the screen. This dice has the 6 colours that match the ones on the grid. The colours in the Cash Buster Zone as well as adjacent blocks will be blasted off the grid when they match the colour on the dice.
  • You are given 8 rolls of the dice at the beginning of the game.
  • You win prizes when the colour bar or bars on the left side of the screen are filled up!

Features and Benefits

On the right side of the screen, you have a Tetris-like grid of 60 blocks made up of coloured bricks (red, green, blue, orange, purple and yellow). At the bottom of the grid is the Cash Buster Zone, which is where you need to blast the blocks. The bigger your matches, the more you stand to win!

On the left side is the prize table. Each colour has a bar to show you how many blocks of that colour you have blasted. If you complete a colour bar, you win the pay-out associated with that colour.

Bonus Symbols

You get a whole bunch of special features and benefits when you play the Slingo Cash Buster online game.

  • Extra Rolls: There are blocks in the grid that are marked Extra Roll. If you manage to blast one of these, then you are awarded an extra roll.
  • Instant Wins: You can also get instant wins if you blast a block that has Instant Win marked on it. You can win £3, £6 and even £15 by snagging that block.
  • Mini Game: If you land the mini game, then you get to pick a card that will give you extra colour wins. For example, if you win 4 green blocks, it is added to your total of green blocks, thereby increasing your chances of a win!
  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Wild

Mobile Experience

If you truly love Slingo Cash Buster and want to play it wherever you want, or at any time you want, then download the mobile version on your phone or tablet, and you will never miss out!

1 Focus on getting those instant wins to increase your prizes
2 Try and land the Mini Game block to pump up your chances to win