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Big Money Slingo Bonus

Big Money Slingo Bonus

Big Money Slingo Bonus

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Looking for big money when you play Slingo games? Then you need to try Big Money Slingo Bonus! This game has taken casinos across the UK by storm! Based on the original Big Money Slingo, this game offers you even bigger rewards and also the chance to play the Wheel Bonus Mini-Game!

Come try it now for a chance to win as much as £250,000!

How to Play Big Money Slingo Bonus?

This is a very simple game to play:

  • You start the game by selecting your bet amount. You do so by selecting a particular location you wish to play. Each location has a specific bet amount associated with it: Joker Hamlet: 50p Royal Forest: £1 Golden Fields: £2 Diamond Peak: £5 Lucky Gulch: £10 Smugglers Cover: £15
  • Once your bet is set, you click PLAY
  • As soon as you enter the game screen, up to 4 Jokers are randomly placed on the grid.
  • You have 6 spins in which to win a Slingo.

Features and Benefits

Big Money Slingo Bonus uses the classic 5x5 75-ball Bingo grid, with the slots reel placed below it. In this game, you don’t get Jokers in the course of the game. Rather, the Jokers are placed randomly on the grid before the game starts.

Unlike the original Big Money Slingo, you also have a special Mini-Game called the Wheel Bonus as well as Key Symbol. These are over an above the Free Spin you can win during the game.

Bonus Symbols

Big Money Slingo Bonus is packed with bonus symbols.

  • The Joker: This wild appears on the grid right at the beginning. So, unlike other Slingo casino games, you don’t get to pick where on the grid you wish to place the Joker.
  • Free Spin: If a Free Spin symbol appears on the game reel, it is added to your pool, to be used at the end of the game.
  • Key Symbol: The special Key symbol will appear on the reel during the course of the game. This symbol is added to a meter which is placed on the top right-hand corner of the game screen.
  • Wheel Bonus Mini-Game: If you are lucky enough to collect all 5 Key symbols, then you activate the Wheel Bonus Mini-Game. A wheel appears on the screen and all you need to do is click on SPIN. When the wheel stops spinning and lands on a prize on the wheel, you are awarded that prize.

  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Joker

Mobile Experience

This is a game that is perfect for mobile gamers thanks to its basic game design. So, while you can also play the game on your PC, it is best played on your smartphone or your tablet.

Tips & strategy

This is actually a challenging game to play, which is why the maximum pay out is so mindboggling huge!
Slingo Reveal is a relatively simple game to play, but it does need a little strategy for you to increase your chances not just of winning, but winning bigger.

  • 1
    You have 6 spins to win the game, and you don’t get any extra spins – with the exception of the 1 free spin that you could win during the course of the game.
  • 2
    There are 12 different Slingos that you can win in this game, and the amounts you win for each type of Slingo is mentioned around the game grid.
  • 3
    The bigger you bet, the higher your winnings, so bet big if you want to win big.