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The Slingo Experience

If you love playing slots and bingo and have been looking for a way to combine your two loves, then look no further. Slingo games offer you just that – the perfect joining of exciting slots and fast-paced bingo! While the game was originally created back in the ’90s as a play-for-fun game, the latest version, launched in 2015 has been revamped with the latest in gaming technology to give players a smooth gaming experience. This game is so popular that there are now numerous variations of the slot version.

How to Play Slingo?

  1. Click on the SPIN button.
  2. You get up to 20 spins on the slot machine. Every time you spin the reel, you will get a series of numbers, which need to be marked off on the bingo card above it.
  3. To win at this game, you need to daub rows, columns or diagonals.
  4. You will clear a level when you have daubed all the shaded squares on the bingo card
  5. You need to make a minimum number of points to clear to the next level.

Most Popular Slingo Games

Symbols and Bonus Rounds

This game is a combination of 75-ball bingo and traditional slots. The game has a 5X5 bingo grid and the single slots reel is placed below that grid. The unique thing about Slingo casino games is that you get special power ups to help you win the game. First of all are the extra symbols – The Joker, the Super Joker, the Cherub and the Devil. When you spin the wheel and you land the Joker, you can daub any number on the corresponding column. And if you get the Super Joker, you can cross out any number on the card.

The Cherub will double your points and the Devil will halve them. In game bonuses include multipliers, coins as well as other power ups to help you win big. Depending on the variation of the game that you are playing, you could have extra in-game bonuses, which mean even bigger wins.

joker Icon

Joker - Joker - allows you to mark off any number on the whole grid.

coins Icon

Coins - Coins - signify the amount that you are betting on each pay line.

Super Joker Icon

Super Joker - Super Joker - allows you to mark off any number on the whole grid.

Devil slingo Symbol

Devil - Devil - this symbol acts as a blocker on the reel and Keep you away from a win!

Quick Facts About Slingo

1 The Slingo online games have also been modified to be played on PCs, mobiles and tablets, so you can play on the go and have a smooth gaming experience while you do so!
2 You get 3x and 5x multipliers in the game to help you win big!
3 The RTP ranges from 95% to 95.9% depending on which variation of the game you’re playing.
4 You can use the Devil’s Protection in the mini games so that you can avoid getting your winnings cut in half by that crafty fellow.
5 While the original game was single-player, you can opt to compete against other players in an interactive experience, where you can chat with your opponents – just like you would in a traditional bingo room.
6 In Slingo Extreme you even stand a chance to win a great jackpot!

Best Slingo Sites

This is now such a popular game in the UK that you can go to almost any casino site and play Slingo. However, the best sites to play this game are Ted, Robin Hood Bingo, Moon Games and Irish Spins! These top bingo sites are trusted and known to have fair play. Added to that, they have all the popular variants of the game so that you can pick and choose which ones you wish to play. You can even directly join the Slingo casino site and play the wide range of variations available – from the classics to the latest ones!