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Nought and Crosses Scratch Cards

Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses

Play childhood favourite Noughts & Crosses scratch card on MoonGames for playground fun with free cash prizes!


Noughts and Crosses Scratch Card

Noughts and Crosses Scratch Cards has the classic schoolyard game theme, sometimes known as tic-tac-toe, giving the players the chance to reminisce about their school days.

Noughts and Crosses works in the same way as the iconic game, by lining up black noughts and red crosses. The game is played on a vibrant yellow background and the maximum you can win is £10,000.

This scratch card is a great fun as it mimics the traditional noughts and crosses game. Simply place your bet and watch as the game plays out. The best prize on the board is three crosses in a row which will pay out the prize amount hidden under the big cross to the left of the scratch game board.