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Hollywood Stars Scratch Cards

Hollywood Stars

Hollywood Stars

Lights! Camera! Hollywood Stars Scratch Cards! Scratch off your lucky symbol & match 3+ stars to win a big cash payout!


Hollywood Stars Scratch Card

Hollywood Stars Scratch Cards is a fun, movie-themed game where players have the potential to win big, like a Hollywood star! Scratch to have it all in this fun celebrity game where in a few short clicks you could win up to £10,000!

Hollywood Stars features a chic female model alongside a grid of six stars, like those on Hollywood Boulevard. You can choose to scratch off each individual panel, or pick to reveal all in one go to find out if you’ve gotten matches for instant wins.

To win, match one of your six stars with the lucky symbol to the right of the girl, and then you’ll win the prize value shown for that particular match. The lucky symbol changes each game to keep you on your toes. Click play to reveal your symbol and see where the stars take you!