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House Edge Guide All Popular Casino Games

A Guide To The House Edge In All Popular Casino Games

You may have heard the term house edge being thrown around whether you’ve been playing in a land-based or online casino, but what if you don’t know what it means? Well today, we’re going to look at what exactly the house edge is and what the edge % is on different games in a casino. And whether a higher or lower edge % is best for you as a player.

First of all, let’s look at what it is. A house edge is a number as a percentage that is present on every single game you’ll play at an online casino. And the percentage will tell you two main things:-

  1. How much that game pays out over its lifespan
  2. Which games at an online casino offer players the best return
    • Using the information to your advantage

      Essentially if you know what you’re looking for you’ll be able to gauge which games at an online casino are the most profitable. So with this said, are you going to be wanting to look for a high house edge or a low house edge? Well a game with a high house edge, statistically, will pay out less over time compared to other games at the online casino that have a lower house edge. And so if you compare the percentages of house edges at an online casino you can avoid the games that are going to pay out less.

    • What is the house edge for casino games

      Now we know what is meant by the house edge and what you need to be looking out for let’s have a look at a list of some of the house edges you’ll find in your typical online casino:-

      GameHouse Edge
      Scratch Cards4.00%-6.22%
    • What about slots?

      When it comes to slots the house edge is referred to as RTP or a return to player percentage. However instead when looking at the RTP you’re going to want to look for the highest percentage. And how it’s calculated is that if the RTP on a certain online slot game is 96%, that means that for every £100 put in, that it will pay £96 back. And thus a higher percentage means that it is going to pay out more. However, a common misconception is that it will pay you as a player back £96 if you put £100 in, but rather this is the average that it will pay out over its lifetime.

    • What is the importance of the house edge?

      Not only is the house edge important for you as a player to understand which games are going to give you the best chances of a return on your bet, but at the same time, it also guarantees the house a return. And this is important commercially for the casinos both land-based and online as they need a guaranteed income to cover their running costs and maintain a profit. After all, if they didn’t have this income they wouldn’t be able to provide you with the service you need.

    • How can you maximise your chances of winning?

      Now that you fully understand the importance of the house edge and how it ensures that online casinos can operate, here are some tips on how you can maximise your chances of winning:-

      1. Know the rules and bonus features of the game you’re going to play.
      2. Go for games that have the lowest house edge but also a high RTP.
      3. If you’re playing a game of skill it might be worth practising beforehand to familiarise yourself.
      4. Always remember that winning is never guaranteed and all casino games are ruled by what is called a random number generator so even if you’re going for a game with a low house edge and a high RTP there is no guarantee that you’re going to come out on top.
      5. Set yourself a limit of how much you’re prepared to lose

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