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Live Rocket Roulette

Live Rocket Roulette

Live Rocket Roulette is a unique form online roulette developed by Net Entertainment. This is in fact one of the fastest roulette games ever, where you will have 10 seconds to place your bets between each spin. This European roulette wheel is now accessible at Moon Games Casino and can be played via mobile, desktop or tablet!

Top Features
  • Fast Play
  • Live Roulette
  • RTP 94.74%

How to Play

Pick your chip values from the bet field before you start spinning the wheel. After you’ve selected your chip value, click on the spot of the betting table where you would like to place your bets. Continuous clicks will add more chips of the same value to increase your bet values. You’ll have to be quick, as you have only 10 seconds to place your bets.
A number of buttons will open various play actions for you. Click on the Undo button if you wish to clear your last bet and click on Clear All Bets to remove all bets from the table. The Rebet button allows you to place the same bet as you did before. The advanced option of the game gives you the opportunity to save your favourite bets by clicking on the Star icon. And there is a button that allows you to double your bets.

Bet Levels: There are no bet levels in this game.

Amount of Paylines Selection: There are no paylines in this game.

Coin Values: Select chips as from £0.50, £1.00, £5.00, £25.00 and £100.00.

Bonus Rounds

Your aim on Live Rocket Roulette is to predict what number the ball will land on after spinning the wheel. These numbers vary from 0 to 36. There are three types of bets which you can place, and these include Inside Bets, Outside Bets and Racetrack Bets.
  • Inside Bets: These include Six Lines, Corner, Street, Split and Straight.
  • Outsider Bets: 1-18, 19-36, Odd/Even, Red/Black, Dozen and Column.
  • Neighbour Bets: Voisins, Orphelins, Tiers, Jeu Zero.