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Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is a quick and easy to play Baccarat variant by Evolution Gaming. The simple setting, and wonderfully decorated studio, is themed on East Asia, where tigers and dragons fill the atmosphere and help keep you engaged. The game is fast paced, and takes just 25 seconds to complete a round.

Top Features
  • Fast Gameplay
  • Tie Bet
  • Suited Tie Bet

How to Play

This swift variant of Live Dragon Tiger is one that every Baccarat aficionado will love. When the game starts, only two competing cards are dealt; the dragon and the tiger. Players simply bet on which cards will have the highest value, and the deal results in a tie.

Bet Levels: No bet levels present

Amount of Paylines Selection: No paylines available

Coin Values: Set your chip values on the Total Bet Field

Bonus Rounds

Tie Bet
Tie bet is an optional side bet on either of the two cards being equal in its value, irrespective of the suit. When a Tie occurs, and the player has placed a tie bet, half of the Main Bet is returned and the Tie Wins pay 11:1.

Suited Tie Bet
The Suited Tie Bet is an optional bet on the Dragon and Tiger cards that are equal in both range and suit. In the event of a Suited Tie Bet, half of the players Main Bet is returned and wins a payout of 50:1.

Since Live Dragon Tiger is popular in most of Asia, it is now one of the most popular live games at Moon Games Casino! Enjoy this baccarat variant on your mobile, desktop or tablet!