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Moon's Wheel

* The maximum accumulated wins in relation to accounts which have not had a successful deposit made into them ("Non-Funded Accounts") in all the Games are £100. If the win is more than £100, the player will be entitled to £100 and the remainder will become void. Deposits that have been made after the above £100 win will not be voided
In order to keep track of the time spent actively playing an Instant or Bingo Game, you are now able to activate a game time reminder. Once activated, a reminder will pop up if you have exceeded the time interval you have previously selected. Bingo Game timing is activated per bingo room, while Instant Game timing is activated per game. A new game time interval will start for each game (or room, as applicable) that you open, and will operate independently of any other games that may be open at the same time. If the interval timing is changed during a game, the new timing will only be effective on the following game or room opened. If you decide to stop all game time reminders (available within the reminder message and as part of this configuration screen), it will turn off all future game time reminders, for all Instant and Bingo Games. To turn the reminders back on, you will need to do so in this form. If you switch to a different device (a different desktop or mobile), or delete your cookies, you will need to set the game time reminder again.